Hello world!

Perhaps I should start as I mean to go on!

Without exception and on a daily basis I find myself looking at the world through my mind’s eye and completely fail to understand how “it” all works.

For example, today I was fascinated by the coverage of Tony Bliar’s new book.  The Biased Broadcasting Corporation gave him top slot on Radio 4 and the evening news.  The fact he was admitting his guilt to many of the lies and deceit of the previous government seem to be passing the news hounds by.  His book is proof he lied!  The written statement of Anthony Bliar is available for all to see.  Will the Biased Broadcasting Corporation now forensically trawl through the tome and match up the lies spoken at the time with his witness statement released today?  I doubt it somehow!  The lieberal media is only ever interested in tory, right-wing or specific targets in the search for “truth”.

The trouble across the pond in the US is similar.  There in office is a non US citizen in direct violation to its constitution.  The lieberal reach is unending,  and the lengths it will go too to get its dogma and ivory tower proclamations on the statute is breathtaking.  If Obama is what he says he is,  then the truth would not be too difficult to get out into the public domain.  His muslim agenda will bite him in the ass,  and with some hope and a little wish,  perhaps the great American public will be out in force in November and wipe out his party in the midterm elections.  The parallels with NewLiebour and the Democrats are startling.  They have taken the art of political smoke and mirrors to new heights!

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